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Don is a soft toy comforter, that calms and soothes your newborn baby by mimicking a mum's heartbeat. Don helps your child to get used to being alone by making soothing sounds. Because Don turns on when your child moves or makes a noise ( such as crying), he will respond at the right time to get your child back to sleep. This means parents don't have to get out of bed as often to put their child back to sleep. When your child is sleeping, Don will switch off to save the battery.


- 4 soothing melodies, the sound of a waterfall and the sound of a heartbeat

- Calms by mimicking a mother's heartbeat

- Don can be shaken to activate

- Automatically plays when your baby starts to cry in the night

- Volume is adiustable

- Automatic shutdown after 10 minutes

- Works with 3 AAA batteries (not included)

- Dimensions: 33×22×13 cm

Zazu Don the Donkey A Heartbeat Sound Plush

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