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Complete bartender kit: For all amateur and professional bartenders out there, this is the ultimate bartending kit you need. Our complete bartender kit includes two Boston shakers, one 27oz and one 20oz, plus a range of other bartending accessories to make the most exotic, delicious, mouth-watering cocktails you can imagine.

Fabulous bar accessories: Our complete bartender kit comes with a variety of bar and cocktail accessories, which no mixologist should be without. Chill your cocktails with ice tongs, the bottle/wine opener are super-handy and with 4 liquor pourers, adding the different ingredients has never been easier.

Use the julep strainers, large and small sizes to avoid any unwanted sediment - adding lemon with the squeezer. A 15ml and 30ml jigger and wooden muddle scale up your bartending skills!




• Made in China

• Weight: 3.3 Ib (1.5 kg)

• Dimensions: 5.5 x 6.5 x 11.4 in (14 × 16.5 x

29 cm)

Professional Bartender Kit and Cocktail Shaker 27 Piece Set

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